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Difficult Conversations

Tuesday 27th March 4-5pm This session will develop your skills and confidence in having difficult conversations, both with staff and parents. To register your attendance, please click here           Please ensure you watch the essential pre-session learning video below, prior to attending the face to face session….... Read more

Curriculum Masterclass

This session is designed to look at the strategic management of the school curriculum and how you can offer a broad a balanced curriculum to everyone, whilst ensuring school performance is in line with government targets.... Read more

Disadvantaged Students

This session will explore ways to maximise pupil premium funding so that you can close the gaps between disadvantaged children and their peers.... Read more

SEND Masterclass

This session will develop your knowledge and understanding of the SEND framework and strategies that can be used to et the very best out of your SEND students.... Read more

Leading Behaviour

This session will look at how to lead whole school behaviour and the some of the strategies required to ensure that high quality learning can take place.... Read more

Effective Presentations

This session will look at how to maximise the impact of your presentations to staff.... Read more

Leaders as Learners

This session will look a how you can keep learning as a leader, build professional networks and support your own professional development.... Read more

Lesson Observation

This session will look at the role of the observer in both the observation and the feedback session.... Read more

Managing Resources

This session will look at financial planning to ensure that you can effectively manage the resources at your disposal.... Read more

Quality of Teaching

This session will look at leading on Teaching and Learning and how you can strategically analyse the quality of teaching in your faculty, phase or school.... Read more

Staff Coaching

This session will explore how to effectively coach staff to better performance, either in the classroom, or in their area of whole school responsibility.... Read more

Student Outcomes

This session will develop your knowledge and understanding of the whole school leadership of student outcomes.... Read more
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