Love Learning

Love Learning month is back for July 2015 at Acklam Grange School!

Love Learning

At various points throughout the year we hold a ‘Love Learning’ month where every member of staff (not just teaching staff) has to learn a new skill. The only stipulation is that it can’t be anything to do with teaching. This is integral to our ‘culture of learning’, enabling us as adults, to remember what it was like as a child to learn a challenging new skill for the first time.

Thank you to all our sponsors this year. Prizes have been donated by the following amazing people who value the fact that we all need to keep learning:

Vision For Education
£40 Amazon Vouchers, £30 M&S Vouchers, £20 Next Vouchers, £20 TK Maxx Vouchers, 3 Bottles of wine

£100 iTunes Vouchers

1 Year fee subscription to Exampro for the subject of your choice

Hywel Roberts
Signed book (Oops)

Lisa Ashes
Signed Book (Manglish)

Matt Bromley
Signed Book (Teach: The Journey to Outstanding)

Animate to Educate
iTunes Vouchers and Chocolate

Roberts Fish n Chip Shop, Ingelby Barwick
Fish ‘n Chips for 2

Here are this year’s entries from staff! Click on the photo’s to see them enlarged.

Andrea Crawshaw – Learning how to bake and sell Rocky Road & Coconut Strawberry slices

Love Learning 3   Love Learning 5

Lisa Antill – Learning how to cook a Squirrel!

Love Learning10

Jenny Surtees – Learning how to make homemade strawberry ice cream

Love Learning 1

Sarah Golding – Learning how to shoot! Click here to watch Sarah’s video! 

Love Learning 7

Jon Tait – Learning how to re-floor his old staircase

Love Learning 4

Sally Foster – Learning how to taste wine

Love Learning 11a

Bryan Hackett – Learning to write with his left hand

Love Learning 13

Sue King – Learning how to Paddle Board

Love Learning12

Sean ODonnell – Sean’s daughter is severely deaf and her and her mother receive sign language lessons every week. She has been nagging Sean to learn it to, so Sean has used this opportunity to learn how to use sign language to sign the alphabet to his deaf daughter.

Love Learning 19

Danny Hammonds – Learning how to administer basic resucitation

Love Learning 15

Danielle Bartram – Learning how to read a map so she can get to the coast for an ice cream (taught in school by Sarah Watt)

Love Learning 17

Dawn Heeley-King – Learning how to drive a manual car after partially amputating her thumb 12 years ago and only being able to drive automatics. 

Love Learning 18

Steve King – Learning how to grow tomatoes

LL1    LL2

Jenny Taylor – Learning how to drive a tractor


Jane Haggath – Learning how to draw again

LL4 - Copy

Denise Hersi – Learning how to garden via a 5 week course

Love Learning 20a

Emily Davies – Learning how to look after a Leopard Gecko

Love Learning 21a

Nicky Hickman – Learning how to make green slime

Love Learning 22

Gillian Galloway – Learning how to make homemade gooseberry jam

Love Learning 23

Erika Walkington – Learning how to make a proggy duck and then learn how to use photo collage to evidence it

Love Learning 24

Jane Darbyshire – Conquering her fear of water by learning how to surf

Love Learning 26

Debbie Rowlands – Learning how to speak in Turkish

Watch Debbie’s video by clicking here

The DT Faculty – Learning how to walk over hot coals!!! One member of the faculty even had to take a trip to A&E afterwards! All for the love of learning!

Watch their video below…..

Love Learning 28

Jane Pickering – Learning how to play Minecraft (taught by her son)

Love Learning 29

Cally Gibson – Learning how to speak French

Love Learning 30

Maths Faculty Ladies – Learning how to play Frozen songs on the recorder together

Love Learning 31

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